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Who We Are

Logomaniac Sdn. Bhd. is a privately-owned company, incorporated in 2018 to cater to the need for quality translation and interpretation. We are certified linguists from different countries and background. Since 2007, we have been serving reputable multinational and individual to meet their translation needs, for certification and communication purpose. Language, although a medium of communication, can also become a communication barrier, and a big one in this aspect. Many human tasks require understanding to succeed, and casting away the language barrier is the first step to understanding other cultures, nations, and people. As a translation agency in Malaysia, we understand the complexity of the language barrier in many industries. Thus, we offer our translation services to various multinational companies so that they can overcome the language barrier when they are aiming to expand their business operations.
Our innovative language services and solutions are powered by TECHNOLOGY and PEOPLE. Our communication services offer CLARITY, expressing your true intentions within cultural CONTEXT and speak with CONVICTION. With the growing linguistic demands, we grow into a full-fledged language service provider. Let us help you to reach the global audience for your benefits and interests.

Our Languages

Why Choose Us


Human Translation

Extensive Experience

We have been in the business of translation since 2007. Our powerful track record features hundreds of successful projects and over many satisfied clients.

Qualified Linguists

We provide qualified translation service that can be served in any official purpose such as legal document, certificate, medical report and more.

Quality Assurance

Reliable Process

As an ATC certified translation company, we follow strict project management standards. We apply the best practices and come out with the optimal results, with fast, high-quality, and cost-efficient services guaranteed.

Ultimate Quality

Every project goes through a strict technical validation and linguistic quality assurance. A team of editors, proofreaders, and testing specialists apply all the required quality checks.


By signing a professional Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), rest assured that the confidentiality of your project is intact. We abide by the digital security rules in Malaysia and ensure complete data privacy at all levels.

Reasonable Pricing

  • Number of words/characters in the source document
  • Turnaround Time
  • Subject matter of the source document
  • Language pairs to be translated
  • Complexity and level of technical knowledge required



Analysis & Consultation:
discuss the project requirement and provide a quote and timeline


Document Preparation:
review source material and assign the appropriate linguist


Technical Preparation & Translation:
translating the document


Editing, Proofreading & Quality Assurance:
proofread and necessary amendment are carried out to ensure the quality


Analysis & Consultation:
discuss the project requirement and provide a quote and timeline


Finalise Edits and Obtain Certification (if required):
finalise all the amendments with the client


The Association of Translation Companies (ATC) is a professional membership association representing the interests of language service companies in the UK and internationally. The ATC is the leading voice for companies operating in the UK’s language services industry. 

ATC membership is recognised as the mark of quality-managed language services. The ATC defines standards of excellence for language service companies by promoting quality-driven services and best practice. 

The ATC influences the advancement of language service companies and the language services industry through its research, initiatives and activities, in collaboration with its stakeholders.

Our certified translators are registered with

  • Malaysia Translators Association
    (Under Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka)
  • Malaysian Institute of Translation & Books